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Waterborne Skateboards

Waterborne Skateboards, based in California, has completely revolutionized the surf skate and skateboard scene with their innovative truck system that offers amazing turning and flow characteristics bringing surfing to the streets. The idea started as a Surf Adapter and over multiple iterations, it has evolved to be a market leading surf skate adapter that can be attached to any skateboard to get that surf-like feel.

The product range has evolved to now include surfskates with decks made from black bamboo and solid carbon fiber. Check out the popular Surf & Rail Adapter Pack to transform any skateboard into a high performance surf skate!

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BRAND / Waterborne Skateboards PROFILE

Waterborne Skateboards

Location:South Bay, California, United States

Learn more about the origins of how Waterborne Skateboards was born through the multiple generations of surf adapters in the video below: