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West Path

West Path is founded on the passion for surfing, yoga, the arts, hiking and having fun in general while taking part in communities that offer responsibility to safeguard and support these values. All products are produced following sustainable and ethical practices while still retaining high and durable quality of craftsmanship.

West Path's products are handmade and support independent artists and are made with eco-friendly materials. Check out the popular Surf Ponchos where each poncho sold will save the life of 10 baby sea turtles! The wide range of boardbags are all handcrafted in Portugal and made from thickly woven recycled cotton. The new Surf Travel Kit, Surf Essentials Kit and the Surf Kit are stylish storage bags for your surf essentials.

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West Path

The founders Dustin and Joey started West Path to do business better while prioritising environmental and social responsibility over profit.

They wanted to build something that gave purpose and benefited the environment and those who made the products...and the vision for West Path was formed.

Learn more about the journey of West Path in the video below: