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YOW Surfskates

YOW (Your Own Wave) is a European manufacturer of premium surfskates, also known as surf skateboards, with a state-of-the-art factory in Basque Country. YOW utilizes eco-friendly processes using sustainable materials to produce some of the best surfskates in the world.

This premium surfskate brand offers a wide range of innovative designs that provide a high degree of customization. It allows you to mix and create different configurations to match your size, weight, and skill level.

The YOW surfskate lineup consists of several collections with each offering a unique layout and riding characteristic. Most of its models are inspired by popular surfboard shapes, such as the Yow x Pyzel Shadow 33.5", or named after popular surfers like the stylish Aritz Aranburu 30.5". YOWโ€™s surfskates feel loose and are ideal for use in surf bowls. These are perfect for performing technical maneuvers giving you that radical surfing feel.

Get on board with the latest trend to keep you frothing even when the swell isn't. Need help finding the best one? Checkout our Surfskate Buying Guide or Click Here To Ask An Expert.

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Your Own Wave (YOW)

Location: Irun, Basque Country, Spain

Product range: Surfskates, Skateboard decks, surfskate systems and accessories