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Ryan Callinan


The Monsta Box 2020 Squash Tail has a fairly low rocker, new concave and a thinner outline. It's the perfect go-to performance board for average-good conditions when you want to be able to surf with ease. There is foam in the places you need it most for speed generation in smaller surf, and enough to feel more in control when the waves turn on.

No matter what the conditions are, you can rely on the Monsta Box to get you out there.

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The Monsta 2020 focusses on bringing you maximum performance in everyday surf and when it's firing. The rocker has been slightly tweaked to allow you to generate more speed and hit bigger turns.

The Monsta 2020 features a single to double concave to help you keep that control in bigger more powerful surf. This board is very ideal for travel. See more


The Raging Bull is built for better surf and proves to be a versatile travel board. Designed with the help of legend 'Occy', the world's next best user-friendly high-performance board is here.

When the surf is smaller, grab the Bullseye and get out there! See more