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  1. Carver Neo Glass Acid 5-Fin - L

    Carver Neo Glass Acid 5-Fin - L


    The Large FCS II Carver Neo Glass Acid 5-Fin set is for the surfer wanting lots of drive and speed down the line. These fins are great for power surfing and sweeping turns on open faces. The extra sweep in the Carver gives it heaps of control off your bottom turns and when carving lines on the open face. Ideal for power surfers who push on their back foot and draw out their turns. The Carver is good for down the line waves, open faces and particularly good in reef breaks. Weight Range 75 - 90kg's. Surfboards with deep concaves and moderate to extreme rockers are recommended for use with these fins. Enjoy this set as a thruster or quad with this practical 5 fin set.

    *Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

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  2. FCS Carver NG Small Quad Rear/Side Bite Fins - Acid Surboard Fin

    Carver NG Small Quad Rear/Side Bite Fins - Acid


    The FCS II Side Bite or Quad Rears are perfect for pairing with your Single fin + FCS II plug Surfboard. These fins also double as Quad Rears to accompany the two front fins of your thruster set up when wanting a quad set up. Made from Neo Glass and presented in a vibrant Acid (yellow) color.

    Check out the FCS II Single Fin for the perfect pair.

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2 items found