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Futures Fins have a simple installation system utilizing one insertion screw for easy access and release when traveling. Future Fins are easily locked into their durable fin box which comes in an array of colors and is capable of withstanding ripping force. Futures surfboard fins have a unique fin box that stretches the length of the fin, resulting in great durability and quick response from the base of the fin, allowing the force to drive through the body of the fin. Futures are always raising the bar, continuously designing and developing new technologies in surfboard fin manufacturing, improving performance surfing.

The company has a culture of innovation and experimentation along with calculated science that results in high-quality fins for all conditions and surfers. With an impressive lineup of pro surfers making up their Signature series such as John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Craig Anderson, Rob Machado and Dave Rastovich to name a few, you know that you have an elite set of fins under your feet.
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The Gerry 7.75 single fin has been designed and inspired by the classic upright template ridden in single fin guns back in the day.
This template provides plenty of maneouverability and is perfect for your single fin shortboard, egg, mid length, bonzer or 2 +1.

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T1 Twin+1

The T1 Honeycomb Twin Fin will provide you with down the line speed, drive and rail to rail feel that you get from traditional twin fin templates. The T1 has a medium flex pattern and will generate speed better than your traditional fiberglass construction fins. It also comes with a trailer which can be used when you need a little more hold or stability. See more


The V3 F4 BlackStix Futures Fins are designed for small surfers (47-70Kg). Now a staple in the Futures line after more than 10 years of development, the Blackstix are an excellent option for when a fast fin is needed. The Version 3 has an added 23 degree unidirectional carbon through the structure to increase drive and give you more power in your turns. See more

The lightweight Techflex material and responsive flex pattern continues to be the ideal choice for one of the most progressive, high performance surfers in the world and is now offered in a size that best fits surfers in the small size range. dimensions. Small (105lb - 155lb) (47kg - 70kg) See more


Craig Anderson's signature single fin template.
Order the Ando 7.8 single fin for eggs, single fin shortboards, bonzers and 2 + 1 setup's. See more

The Haydenshapes 2+1 6" setup was specifically designed to be ridden with the Haydenshapes Plunder model. The single fin can be used without the side bites for a looser feeling board and works well in most shorter single fin surfboard models. Add the side bites for extra drive and hold when desired. See more

The V2 Rasta Quad Futures Fins are designed for Medium to Large surfers looking for a fin template with heaps of drive and speed. Designed in collaboration with Dave Rastovich the V2 Quad template uses environmentally friendly bamboo that offers lively flex and response through the base of the fins. The medium base and tip allows one to maintain speed through turns and on rail, perfect for those deep rail carves Rasta is known for. Combine the V2 Rasta Quads with one of Gary McNeill Concepts shapes for fast powerful surfing.
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