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Surfboard Straps

To carry your surfboards safely and securely, you need surfboard straps. In order to keep your surfboard from slipping or blowing off the roof of your car or truck while you're driving, we offer a variety of car straps for surfboards.
To prevent your surfboard from moving around while you're on the road, remember to utilize a durable set of straps for surfboards. If you plan on taking your surfboards on the road, we recommend you look into our range of lockable surfboard straps. Stopping on the road also won't require you to then remove your surfboards from your roof racks to then store them in your car to avoid them being stolen from your racks. To prevent damage to your boards during transit, see our surfboard straps for car roof racks to avoid losing your boards while driving at high speed on the motorway. As an added bonus, a good set of surfboard roof straps will keep your boards safe from the elements including wind, rain, and sun. Damage to your roof racks or car roof can occur if you use elastic straps or low-quality rope to secure your boards. Whether you’re hitting the road on the east coast or searching for waves along the California pacific coastline route, we’ve got all the surfboard tie down straps for your travel needs.
We recommend you transport your surfboards in a protected surfboard bag if you plan on driving some distance, especially during the warmer months in the U.S. Using the straps and a good surfboard bag can protect your boards from the damaging effects of UV sun rays. When used together, car surfboard straps and a quality board bag have the potential to reduce the board's temperature, hence reducing the risk of heat damage. See our surfboard maintenance guide for more information on how the sun and heat can damage your board, or review our video guide on how to strap a surfboard to your roof rack for further help. We often see surfers who strap their board the wrong way on their roof, resulting in extra drag that at high speed can also damage your boards, especially if done with a poor quality set of surfboard straps for roof racks. Remember to have your fins facing up when placing your boards on the roof, so your nose rocker hugs the car roof to reduce drag.
It's a good idea to think about the straps' strength and length while shopping for Surfboard tie down straps. Nylon and polypropylene, two of the materials used in most of the Boardcave surfboard strap range, are known for their strength and durability. If you want to keep your surfboards from moving about on the roof of your car, non-slip surfboard roof straps are also a good idea. Most modern straps will be designed with texture for extra grip. The length of the straps will determine how many boards or what gear you can tie down on your racks, too long and it can be annoying but too short and you may be caught out if you bring a few friends boards along when hitting the road.
A set of surfboard tie down straps is a must-have for any surfer who values the security of their boards during transit, they are also great to travel with. When traveling overseas for a surf trip and having to get road transport to your accommodation, it can be a great help to have your straps for the taxi between transit. They're a must have for your surfboard's safety and protection while they make transporting the board simple and straightforward. If you are a surfer and care about the security of your boards, you will find a variety of surfboard tie down straps below to meet your needs.

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