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Spring Suits

Looking for the ideal option to bridge the gap between seasons, where the weather isn't too hot, but not bone-chilling either? Spring Suits are the perfect option for you. These versatile garments are designed to keep you comfortably warm, ensuring you can stay in the lineup for longer sessions. In our opinion, they rank among the most comfortable and practical wetsuits in the Boardcave collection.

Our range of premium Spring Suits from renowned brands feature cutting-edge designs and construction, featuring the finest neoprene available. These wetsuits incorporate innovative seam technologies and come in various cuts to accommodate all body shapes. Spring Suits are a highly popular choice among surfers, whether you're searching for top-notch women's or men's suits, or seeking added protection and warmth for the kids.

If you're in the market for something different, such as gear tailored for warmer weather offering sun and wind protection, explore our wetsuit tops. Or, if you require the ultimate cold weather suit, don't miss our selection of full body wetsuits and wetsuit accessories for cold water surfing, including gloves, boots, and hoods. These items are indispensable for maximizing your enjoyment in rugged and chilly conditions.

Whether it's a long jane, a long john, or a classic spring suit you're after, Boardcave has you covered. If you're in need of guidance while selecting from our thoughtfully curated range of suits, our friendly wetsuit experts are just a click away to assist you.

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