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Surf Shops

Surf Shops are great, we all love to browse through the selection of boards, clothing and accessories. But some of us are so busy these days that we just don't have the time to go and check out the new digs. And ordering custom surfboards can be a bit of a challenge at some shops. Here at, we give you the chance to order a customer surfboard from some of the best shapers America wide. No matter if you are looking for a Longboard, a Twin Fin or a High Performance Surfboard, we have the shapers that can sort your out for your specific age, height, weight and ability.

Brick and mortar shops will always stand the test of time and are staples of our beloved industry. But online shops are becoming more and more vital for those of us who no longer have the time to get away from work and family obligations. is your online surf shop designed to give you the feel and experience of your favorite shop including dedicated staff who are all surfers ourselves. Get in touch with your favorite shaper right here.

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