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Best Surf Accessories List: Useful, Necessary, and Love to Have

In this article we try to break down the different surfing accessories into ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ While at its core a reliable surfing board and some decent waves are all you need to enjoy a good day at the beach, having some of these accessories can certainly make things much more fun if not safer.

beach day Waves, sand and sun is all you need! Photo: Josh Evans

Must Have Surf Accessories

These are absolutely the minimum essentials that any surfer should bring. And when it comes to surfing accessories, these are not only designed to make surfing easier but more importantly safer.

Sunscreen – have fun without worrying about the sun

Fact, surfers are three times more likely to get skin cancer compared to the general population. This is why we recommend sunscreens with a minimum SPF of 30. SPF 30 blocks about 97 percent of UVB rays. While most of the best sunscreens in the market come with an SPF of 50, the difference in the level of protection is really small. SPF 50, for that matter, blocks about 98 percent of UVB rays.

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Surfboard Wax – to keep you planted on your surfboard

A good wax helps you maintain your balance and grip on your surfboard. This is why we advise that you should top up your board with wax every time you hit the beach. Just remember that applying too much wax would make it harder to surf.

Fully clean or remove the wax every 2 to 3 months. This is because the wax eventually collects dirt, gets hard, and becomes thick after constant reapplying.

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Wax comb – for wax removal and maintenance

We just discussed the importance of waxing your surfboard and when it comes to waxing, a wax comb is an essential tool for helping you maintain a healthy layer of wax on your surfboard.

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Leash – keeps you connected to your surfboard

Losing your surfboard after a wipeout should be the least of your worries. A surfboard leash is an important surfing equipment required for all new surfers. It can help drag you out of the impact zone during a wipeout and pull you to the surface during strong currents. A surfboard leash will also protect other surfers from getting hit by a runaway surfboard.

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Protective clothing (rash guards, wetsuits) – your second skin

Standing on your surfboard chest naked and riding a wicked wave is certainly an Instagram perfect moment. But ask any serious surfer and they would tell you how sand, wax, and your skin don’t mix. Rashguards in particular trace their roots to surfers in Australia trying to find a way of protecting their skin against rashes or abrasions. Just like rash guards, wetsuits also serve a particular purpose for surfers. This does not only protect you against rashes but also helps to keep your body warm in cold water conditions.

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Useful Surf Accessories

While missing out on these accessories would not have a negative effect on your surfing experience, having these could definitely make it better. These accessories provide added functionality and convenience making them the perfect addition to your must-have surf accessories.

Changing poncho – your portable changing room

The best thing about going to popular surfing destinations is that these come with dining options and public utilities such as shower rooms. But for the more adventurous surfer who is searching for the best waves, some locations are often on the beaten track. When this happens having a changing poncho can give you all the privacy you need. These can also double as beach towels, so you’ve got a two-in-one solution.

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Surfboard Bag – your surfboard’s second home

A surfboard is a surfer’s biggest and most important piece of equipment and should be protected at all times. This is especially true for long-distance traveling. A surfboard bag prevents any accidents from happening to your board such as dings and nicks.

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Surf Backpack – keeps everything safe and organized

These might look like any other ordinary backpack. Still, these are dedicated pieces of equipment designed to meet the unique needs of surfers. From waterproof compartments that separate your wetsuit from other gears, small pockets for your sunscreen, and storage for your keys.

Fins – enhance your surfing performance

This is something for the intermediate or advanced surfer who knows his gear and how to use it. While beginners can get away with a simple surfboard setup, hardcore surfers know how to play around with their fin setups to help maximize performance. Fins come in a variety of shapes and forms which have a direct effect on a surfboard’s riding characteristics.

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Surfboard Traction Pads – Elevate Your Grip and Surf with Confidence

Surfboard traction pads are your secret to unmatched grip and control on the waves. Elevate your surfing experience by ensuring you have the perfect pad to keep you firmly planted on your board, allowing you to carve those waves with unwavering confidence.

Surfboard traction pads offer a superior level of stability, especially during those critical maneuvers, making them an essential choice for every surfer looking to take their skills to the next level.

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Fin Ratchet Tool – your all-in-one, convenient fin tool

This highly useful tool comes with a variety of flathead, Phillips head, and custom heads for quick and easy fin setup. This makes it easy for you to easily remove or swap fins with the use of one handy tool.

Car Rack – safely transport your surfboard

Planning to bring multiple surfboards or don’t have enough space in your car for your friends and gear? That pretty much explains why you should install a surf rack on your car.

Surf travel Surfboard racks call for some Tie Downs.

Repair kit – get your surfboard back in shape

Having a surfboard repair kit on hand is a smart move; it's your safety net when something unfortunate happens to your beloved board. Not only does it save you from the headache of expensive repairs, but it also prevents further harm to your surfboard. With a bit of practice, using it can become a quick outdoor fix, taking just a matter of minutes.

Surfing ears – let the sound in while keeping the water out

Surfing ears or simply waterproof earplugs protect your ears against water rushing in without affecting hearing or balance. It also prevents ear inflammation or the surfer's ears. External auditory exostoses (EAE) or surfer’s ear is a progressive disease caused by constant exposure to cold water.

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Waterproof case for ID/keys – don’t lose those keys again

Sometimes it’s the little things that turn out to be the biggest trouble such as losing your car keys or wallet. While some of the items in this list such as the surfing backpack provide storage for your keys, having something dedicated to this sole purpose can be a better idea.

Love to Have Surf Accessories

It’s now time to separate the ‘needs from the wants’ and our next list definitely falls under ‘wants’. These accessories focus on comfort and entertainment more than anything.

Action Camera – for capturing those fun moments

We can’t bring everybody to the beach so having something to record your fun times under the sun is a good idea. Bring it to another level and pair it up with a drone for better closeups while riding the waves.

Surf Changing mat – your portable changing floor

The perfect complement for your changing poncho. Changing mats give you a clean and stable surface to change. The best thing about these surf-changing mats is that some of these double as a bag. All you have to do is to drop your wet clothing, close it up, and you have a bag that safely stores your wet equipment.

Surf Watches – All the surfing information you need on your wrists

I guess it didn’t take long before people found a practical way of incorporating technology into surfing. Surf watches are akin to small computers that help surfers get information on the best surfing locations on the planet. Information gathered from decades of collecting oceanographic data gives you information such as low and high tide times. Some of the best surf watches also come with wave counters, GPS, wind speed, wave height, water temperature, and more in real-time.

Cooler – when you need to cool down

Keep yourself hydrated with cool refreshments and what better place to keep them cold than a cooler.

Portable shower – who wouldn’t want this

This is certainly something interesting. Remove the sun, surf, and sand away from your skin and get a refreshing shower right at the beach. There’s no better way to change into your street clothes than after a relaxing shower.

surf accessories Check out Rovr Coolers and Beach Box portable showers

Pop up beach tent – your second home at the beach

A nice place to stretch out and get away from the scorching heat of the sun or somewhere you can spend the night. Easy to store and simple to set up, a pop-up beach tent is the best way to go.

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The perfect beach day calls for the perfect accessories. Photo: Izzy Hobbs.