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Foam Surfboards

Foamies, Soft tops, or whatever you want to call them

While the lingo for Foam Surfboards varies, there’s one thing that’s pretty unanimous in the surf world; it’s how much fun a foam surfboard can be!

For first timers and even seasoned surfers’ foam is everyone's friend. Just ask around, almost every surfer will have a soft top in their quiver of boards.

Durability, light weight, stability and an easy paddle are just a few things you’re guaranteed. More volume means better buoyancy and with an array of shapes and sizes on the market you’re not only bound to find the right one for you but be on your feet in no time. Think of a foam surfboard as confidence building at its finest.

Whether you're after a relaxed ride such as the Roller or a more performance focused sled like the Filipe Toledo Wildfire, Softtech Surfboards has a foamie for all abilities.

Alternatively, you can check out Album Surfboards' range of short and long foam boards (which include free Futures fins).

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