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Surfboard Wax Comb

The Surfboard Wax Comb is a very handy, simple tool that every surfer should have. The wax comb has two primary uses:

  • Remove old wax from your surfboard by scraping it off (using the straight edge); and
  • Rough up the existing wax on your board to give it more traction (using the jagged "comb" edge).

    Scraping the old surf wax off your board is essential if you are going to go on any surfing vacations. Chances are you are going to a place with different water temperatures than your local so you need to remove the old wax in order to apply the new. It is also a good idea to use the wax scraper to scrape the wax off your board before you throw it in your surfoard bag, helping to keep old wax from sticking to other boards or items that are stored in the bag.

    Once all the old wax has been scraped, you can apply a fresh coat of surfboard wax to get that fresh grip under your feet. For tips on what surfboard wax is best for you, check out our article How to use the right wax.

    It is not uncommon these days for a surf wax comb to include additional features such as a fin key and, if you're lucky, a bottle opener. The fin key is used to tighten and loosen grub screws when installing and removing fins and the bottle opener is essential to enjoy a refreshing beverage to celebrate an epic session. An example of a wax comb that includes both the fin key and a bottle opener is the Premium Wax Comb by Creatures.
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