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Longboard Surfboards

The Longboard Surfboard is a great option for any surfer looking for a more relaxed ride. Traditional longboards where around long before shortboards, especially that of the thruster fin set up. A lot of professional longboarders choose a more performance oriented, refined shape for competitions but there is still a lot of well known surfers who prefer to pay homage to the traditional feel of surfboards, similar to those created in the 60's and 70's. These longboards are commonly referred to as "Logs". Many renowned longboard shapers still produce their highly sought after board without using modern shaping technologies. These boards do take longer to complete and some would even consider them more of a work of art than just a surfboard.

Popular longboards include the hand-shaped Chemistry Standard and Stamps - Axis or the more performance orientated Noll Surfboards - Helix to name a few.
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