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Jacksonville Surfboard Shapers

The scene is not big by any means, but certainly holds some serious skill. Much of this skill is attributed to every shaper truly being a surfer first. When there is surf, shapers are surfing and surfing well. The history of talented surfer and shapers dates back to the mid 60's and early 70's. Like many of Florida's talent, surfers and shapers where traveling to Hawaii and other notable places and bringing back new ideas and information for board building. Some settling in the islands where you would find their boards out in the lineup more often than not. Or shapers relocating to California before there was a big scene in the Jacksonville area, just for the majority of their boards to be shipped back and sold in their homeland. Its is names like Larry Minard, Mike Whisnant, Tony Iannarone with Mark Reichenstien and Howard Tanner and their Clean Oceans Surfboards Label, and probably most notably, Sean Mattison of Von Sol who have given such a high profile.

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