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Outer Banks Surfboard Shapers

North Carolina's Outer Banks is known to be the most consistent and quality areas along the whole of the East Coast. The stretch from the northern part of Corolla and down to the southern end around Oracoke, with the infamous Cape Hatteras and Rodanthe in-between, taking in almost every swell direction available, offers up consistent heaving barrels to satisfy any chargers soul. The area has a remote country feel, and usually provides uncrowded surf even when its pumping. It is not all heaving fast barrels though, many of the breaks to the North and South of Hatteras area offer a variety of fun beach breaks and of course like most areas, summer gives you smaller windswell waves that can accommodate the beginner surfer. As a result, the shapers in the area are well versed in everything from logs and fishes to step ups and guns. Being so remote, they may be a little behind the times from Florida or California, but the quality and craftsmanship is top notch.

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