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Dylan Graves on the Misc Twin by Haydenshapes

The MISC. A free flowing, fast twin-fin with the ability to change your surfing style by forcing you to relax and let the drag-free nature of the twin fins do the work. Combine this with the already relaxed but radical surfing of Dylan Graves and you have one of the most fun looking surfboards money can buy. Read More

6/13/2019 10:12 PM

Billabong's Halfway to the Horizon ft. Italo, Tyler and Eithan

Life’s Better in Boardshorts, Chapter 10: Halfway to the Horizon. Follow along as the eclectic crew of Billabong team riders; Italo Ferreira, Tyler Warren and Eithan Osborne take off on a tropical strike mission. It's actually kind of rad to see this group of contrasting styles surf together.

Something worth noting is the ridiculous airs Italo pulls off. Theres a great scene where Tyler and Eithan are getting their minds blown from Italo's surfing as their watching from the channel. If you're wondering what Italo's magic board is, it's his signature model from Timmy Patterson The F-15. Italo's ability to create speed and do huge airs is mostly talent but he certainly has the right board under his feet. Check it out below.

Italo Ferreira Surfboard - T Patterson Surfboards

6/10/2019 4:58 PM

WATCH: Craig Anderson's latest clip

The Quieter You Are The More You Hear.

A title that's actually kind of true. For a surfer such as Craig Anderson who has always been directly in the spotlight, you could say that for the last two or so years he has been somewhat missing. Now with the release of this latest clip we get to see his tracks over the last couple of years artistically cut into a 20 minute short. It's safe to say Craig and his photographer Dave Fox are well travel visiting places like Portugal, Indo and Iceland to name a few...

Craig is riding his Haydenshapes favourites including the White Noiz, Hypto Krypto and a stretched out Cannon single fin.

6/6/2019 5:24 PM

RVCA welcomes Asher Pacey

Asher Pacey re-joins the RVCA team. The stylish twin-fin wizard now shredding with a new sticker on the nose of his DHD - Mini Twin.

6/2/2019 7:23 PM

10% Off Chemistry Surfboards - Including Free Fins, T-Shirt & Wax

Chemistry Surfboards have one of the most unique ranges of performance and hybrid shapes. If you've been thinking about getting a fresh new blade then now's your chance to grab a great deal. Read More

5/14/2019 6:18 PM

Nathan Florence is crowned the Red Bull Cape Fear Champion.

It was no surprise to see Nathan Florence take the win at this years Red Bull Cape Fear. The young Hawaiian has been on fire in the world of big wave surfing. Nathan surfed fearlessly through every heat opting to do the hard yards and paddle into every wave he caught. Check out the post below from the Red Bull Surfing instagram highlighting his best waves. Read More

5/12/2019 10:44 PM

WATCH: In and Around Water Ep. 1 Panama

Hurleys first instalment of the new series "In and Around Water". Shot on the coast of the Caribbean island of Panama. Filipe Toledo, Barron Mamiya and Yadin Nicol go blow for blow in draining a-frame set-ups. Lefts, rights, closeouts and drops that only surfers like these guys could make. Read More

5/9/2019 11:51 PM

WATCH: Nate Tyler and friends on the MISC

The Haydenshapes Misc is the latest edition to the Haydenshapes range. Super drivey, fast and loose above the lip. The MISC. is a Haydenshapes team-rider favourite for those wanting that elusive performance twin. It'll have you’ll flying down the line and drawing plenty of speed with that drag-free twin fin feeling.

Click the image below to view the featured MISC by Haydenshapes

Haydenshapes MISC

4/11/2019 6:01 PM

WATCH: Colin Moran's debut Octopus Clip

Check out the latest clip from Octopus featuring Colin "Goose" Moran. Colin has been a favourite among the Boardcave team for awhile now mainly because of his unique style, in particular the reverse layback/grab hack's he throws at the lip (as seen in the video title image). Could this manoeuvre be how he was nicknamed "the Goose"? Probably not, but we think it's rad. Enjoy the clip!

Colin Rides Panda Surfboards check out the range below:

Footage by:
Matt Tromberg
Michael Cukr
Blake Myers
Hunter Martinez
James Kinnaird
Jack Coleman
and possibly some other dudes.

Edited by:
Matt Payne

4/10/2019 11:47 PM

How to choose the Right Surfboard

The factors that effect your board choice

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or even an advanced surfer - learning how to choose the right surfboard that is right for your abilities and the surf conditions is critical to your success and enjoyment of surfing.

The intermediate to expert surfer is generally going to have a good idea about which board they want to take out in certain wave types, but this knowledge takes time and not everyone knows what equipment they need.

There isn’t any one surfboard that is completely perfect for one person in every kind of wave and conditions. You’re going to have to build a quiver of boards of various shapes, styles and sizes if you’re going to be surfing on a regular basis.

You’ll find that no matter what level of surfing you are at, you’re going to want to start building that dream quiver. Even beginners after a few surfs will want to refine and update their board dimensions to avoid surfing the wrong board.

Mick and his faithful DHD - MF DNA.

Things to consider when choosing a board

There are a number of factors that will need consideration when you’re choosing the right surfboard on any given day:

Skill Level - Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer?
Fitness Level - Even when you reach higher levels of surfing, fitness levels are going to play a role in what kind of board you’re going to surf depending on the conditions.
Height and weight - This will help to determine how much volume you would need for a particular style of board.
Wave Type - What type of waves are you going to be surfing? Hollow and fast - soft, slow crumbly?

These are all essential factors to consider and can directly impact your surfing performance. Choosing the right surfboard
There's no end to surfboard sizes and shapes. From left to right: Gary McNeill Concepts Mini Pip, Panda Surfboards Astro Zombie, Chilli Surfboards Black Vulture, Sharp Eye Surfboards HT2, Eye Symmetry Surfboards The Lucid Eye, DHD Black Diamond, Haydenshapes Plunder, Pyzel Surfboards Padillac .

No. 1: What's your Skill Level?

As mentioned above, a surfer who's just starting out may only need one good beginner board to get them to a level where they start to progress.

The new surfer is going to want a board that has plenty of volume and stability. For most people, this surfboard will be something around the 7-8 foot mark and about 22-23 inches wide and 3 inches thick.

A soft top board is a good option for a beginner as they provide lots of float and stability.

A board around this size will give them plenty of volume to ensure they can paddle into waves.

The added width and thickness combined with the general outline on these boards (wider, rounder nose and wider tail) provides plenty of stability when trying to stand up on the wave.

After you get the fundamentals sorted, you can start to look into fiberglass boards and begin to refine your preferred surfboard shape to suit your abilities and your favoured wave types.

No. 2: What's your Fitness Level?

Your level of fitness is also going to play a key factor in determining what board will give you the best surfing experience. For example, while someone may be better at surfing today than they were ten years earlier, they may also have lost some of their stamina.

This surfer may decide that they want a board that's a little thicker and slightly wider to ensure they still have enough paddle power to avoid missing waves or not being able to paddle into waves.

A good compromise may be to find a slightly thicker board that tapers down into a nice rail. This means you can continue to paddle into more critical waves while the board still offers a good amount of performance.

In this case, you can see how fitness levels can impact on your ability to paddle into waves. For this reason, choosing the right board can ensure your wave count doesn’t go down on account of your fitness.

Age can also factor into this.

Imagine two surfers on the same wave. A 25 year old at an advanced level with the same height and weight as a 45 year old at an advanced level may have a completely different surfboard.

Most likely, the younger surfer is going to have more endurance than the older surfer. While they might both be strong paddlers, the older surfer is likely to tire quicker than the younger surfer.

With a little more volume in his board, the older surfer could stretch out his session to the same length as the younger surfer as he won’t need to spend the same amount of energy to paddle into waves.

Find the right surfboard
Chilli Surfboards team rider Jay Davies is a solid surfer who can throw airs like he's as light as a feather.

No. 3: Your Height and Weight

Your height and weight will definitely play a key role in determining which boards are best for you to ride. Because these are the most obvious elements, many volume calculators rely heavily on these details to find your perfect surfboard volume.

However, often these calculators won’t take anything else into consideration.

Boardcave’s Board Engine adds in those extra details such as ability, age, preference for board types and the waves you normally surf to give you the best results.

This aside, height and weight will always play a crucial part of choosing your perfect surfboard. These factors should certainly be used as a starting point for finding the right board.

Obviously, the bigger you are, the bigger your board will have to be.

Take two professional surfers in Mick Fanning and Jack Freestone. Mick weighs in around the 73kg mark and 177cm tall while Jack is about 185cm and 86kg.

Mick Fanning surfs in the 26-27L range on boards like his 5’10 DHD DNA while Jack prefers riding boards a little bigger like a custom 30L, 6'0 Pyzel Radius. Both are well rounded performance shortboards that have been designed with each surfer in mind and both boards love to be ridden in good conditions.

Finding the right Surfboard
The DHD Surfboards MF DNA model ridden by Mick Fanning (above) and the Pyzel Surfboards Radius (below) created and developed for John John Florence.

No. 4: Your Wave Type

Finally, we get to one of the more personal questions. Which wave type do you like to surf? This is the main reason most surfers own a quiver of boards. Wave types and conditions can be so different from beach to beach and even day to day.

If you plan on surfing a lot, you’re gonna need a selection of boards to help you surf your best in everyday conditions.

In Australia, you’re going to have access to a huge variety of waves. Just on the Gold Coast alone, there are plenty of beaches and sand bottom points to choose from on any given day. When there is plenty of south easterly swell being pushed up the coast, most people opt for the points which , on the Gold Coast, include Snapper, Kirra, Currumbin and Burleigh.

When there's swell and the wind is off-shore these waves tend to light up some of the best breaks in the world.

When it’s pumping at 3-6ft and barreling, ideally you’re going to want a high performance shortboard or something that's going to fit nicely in the pocket of the wave or the barrel. This kind of board - like the DHD Ducks Nuts or Album Ledge - is going to help you make drops on steep take offs.

These points are still plenty of fun even when the waves aren’t firing, but you won’t get the same experience sticking with a performance shortboard. If you go with something a little more fishy - the Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto or Chemistry Twin Fin - you’re going to really make the most out of those waves.

If things get really small, something with even more volume like the Panda Repeater will have you covered.

Luckily, if the points aren’t firing, just around the corner from Snapper is D-Bah, which is consistently the best beach break in the area for waves around 2-4ft. Out here you can find everything from barrels to perfect walls and air bowls.

Surfing at Duranbah in medium sized waves, you will want a good all-round shortboard like the DHD 3DV, the SUPERbrand Magic Mix or the Panda Goose.

This is the main reason (and also a great excuse) for getting a quiver of boards as your surfing progresses. By having a range of boards, you’ll be able to maximise your time in the water instead of sitting at home when the conditions aren’t right for your board.

Find the Right Surfboard
Colin Moran has a quiver of Panda Surfboards depending on the wave type and conditions. It’s always good to mix it up!

No. 5: The Recap

If you’re wanting to maximise your wave count and spend more time in the water progressing your surfing, it’s important to look at all the factors that contribute to your surfboard selection.

Your skill, fitness and body shape are great initial factors in building your dream quiver, and when you keep in mind what kinds of waves you want to surf, nothing will stop you from getting out there in all conditions.

All of these important factors should be taken into consideration and it really comes down to you determining what you want to get out of your surfing.

If you’re only getting out once a week or even less around the same spot, pick a board that will suit the spot as well as a few conditions that you’ll find there.

If you like changing it up and surfing different spots, a quiver is for you. Build your dream quiver and you will find that no matter what wave conditions you find, you’re going to have something to ride.

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4/8/2019 4:23 PM

Mick Fanning Retires

What does retirement look like for Mick Fanning? Well, for an athlete of his stature, initially attention, and lots of it! Follow Mick around for a full day of back to back interviews and media obligations. 

Mick has announced his retirement from competitive surfing after the Bells Rip Curl Pro 2018, an event that means a lot to him. Although Mick will be missing from the locker rooms and podiums around the globe, he won’t be disappearing any time soon. With cinematic projects in the pipeline, Balter beers at your local pub plus partnerships with Creatures of Leisure, DHD Surfboards and FCS Fins, we will always be surrounded by Mick Fanning’s presence in one way or another. 

3/9/2018 7:44 PM

Dave Rasta x Gary McNeill quiver

What is a torus channel and how does it work? What is Gary McNeill’s new flax bio resin construction? Why do Rasta’s boards last far longer than most other professional surfers? Tune in to find out & get the run down on some of the boards Rasta’s been enjoying over the last year or so. Join us in beautiful northern NSW, where the water is warm and the waves are aplenty, this is where free surfing legend Dave Rastovich calls home. Shop the Gary McNeill range on Boardcave to organise your next magic carpet. We’ve also got the Rasta Keel Fins and Rasta Quad Fins from the clip in stock now!

2/8/2018 9:11 PM
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