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Margaret River Pro | What are the Pro's riding?

As anticipated a massive ocean swell rolled in for the Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro this year. Delivering 12ft+ sets and leaving contestants scrambling for their step ups. With local favourite and rookie on tour Jack Robinson now out of the competition the big question remains, who will win the 2021 Margaret River Pro? We’ve listed our picks below for this years competition. Click through to see what gear these athletes are riding to perform their best in solid WA conditions. Read More

5/4/2021 6:36 PM

Rip Curl Pro Newcastle | What are the Pro's riding?

As Summer on the East Coast of Australia has come to an end, things are about to heat up again in Newcastle for the 2021 Rip Curl Pro event. With a bit of luck we’ll see a solid swell roll in and only a small few will have that locals knowledge that could give them an edge. We’ve listed our Boardcave staff picks below for this years competition. Click through the carousel to see what gear these athletes are riding to perform their best in punchy Newcastle conditions. Read More

3/23/2021 6:46 PM

Harry Bryants Octopus Clip: BIOHAZ

It's offical, Harry Bryant joins the team of radical free surfing lords also know as Octopus. Since Harry signed with Vans he's been blowing up. Not only is he surfing harder than anyone on the scene at the moment his comedic nature makes him a joy to watch, placing him at the centre of surfing world. Tune into some of the most entertaining surfing you'll see this year. Read More

2/22/2021 4:46 PM

Progressive Airs & Sharp Eye Surfboards are a perfect match

Rio Waida is one of Indonesias rising surf stars and future CT prospect. With airs this tweaked out and technical it's likely we will see him make the tour in future years. Read More

11/30/2020 9:08 PM

The Life of Kai Lenny Episode 1 & 2

Welcome to the Life of Kai Lenny, a new series from Indigenous Films and presented by Red Bull & Tag Heuer. Go behind the scenes with one of the most proficient waterman on Earth. Read More

11/23/2020 10:06 PM

Jacob Willcox in 'By Default'

Jacob Willcox in 15 minutes of mind bending barrels. If you're not already familiar you will be now. Read More

11/16/2020 9:34 PM

Behind the scenes at potentially the world's best beach break?

Ah the hallowed sands of South Stradbroke Island. Australia's once best kept secret. Red Bull takes us behind the scenes at the recent Boost Mobile Pro to speak with Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Mitch Crews, Wade Carmichael and more about their experience with the break. Read More

11/9/2020 7:30 PM

The Beast that is Skeleton Bay

Mirage is a short film by production company NOW NOW detailing the origin and evolution of the Namibian sandspit "Skeleton Bay" and how it became one of the most sought after waves on the planet, as told by pioneering locals and some of the best tube riders in the world. Read More

11/3/2020 6:03 PM

PER DIEM ft. Craig Anderson & more

A sneaky new clip from Craig Anderson, Benny Howard and everyones favourite surf larakin Lewie Dunn. After being surfings "it boy" for years running, these days Craig mostly avoids the lime light dropping clips on the sly but still surfing as good as ever. From novelty wave acid drops to diamond in rough tube riding, PER DIEM by Zion Wetsuits gives you a good dose of everything you've been missing. Read More

10/19/2020 7:22 PM

Shane Borland | Snacking Away

"Snacking Away" by Matt Tromberg follows a young talented crew through their month long surf and skate tour of Indo. Featuring Shane Borland, Balaram Stack, Wil Reid, Kai Hing, Lee Wilson, Mauro Diaz, Colin Moran, and Ken Suzuki. Read More

10/12/2020 6:38 PM

Jay Davies | SPIRIT

After a 15 year long career of getting paid to travel to find waves Jay Davies now spends his days operating a tug boat and ripping apart his local peaks in WA. Jay's surfing has always been the pinnacle of big man performance surfing and his latest edit SPIRIT by Tom Jennings is nothing short of insane. Read More

10/5/2020 6:57 PM

Cloud Chase ft. 4 of the World's best aerialists

What do you get when 4 of the World's best aerialists go as big as they can on wind assisted wedge? Well, you get this clip right here. CLOUD CHASE, featuring John John Florence, Albee Layer, Matt Meola and Nathan Florence is not one to be missed. Read More

9/28/2020 6:52 PM
204 items found
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