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Kanoa Igarashi shredding in "Silence"

SILENCE by Kanoa Igarashi and filmer Tanner Carney was half filmed in Hawaii as the pandemic hit and half on a secret escape from quarantine to Tahiti. In this break from World Tour Surfing Instead of taking up foiling or learning to sail, Kanoa has been training hard to get better. Read More

9/7/2020 10:21 PM

Dave Rastovich in Cropaganda

Gary McNeill has always blazed his own trail when it comes to the cosmic concepts he translates into his surfboard designs. For a bit of fun and experimentation Gary decided to add some circle edges dubbed "Crop Circles" into the usual Torus Channel design. We cannot confirm how much this affects the design but one thing we can confirm from watching this clip is that Rasta is ripping on it. Read More

9/6/2020 7:24 PM

Sharp Eye's latest shredder - Vittoria Farmer

Vittoria Farmer is a 22 year old Noosa local with one hell of a forehand wrap. This self titled film is a "drop the mic" type clip that is sure to put her on the potential sponsor radar of some major brands. Read More

8/31/2020 7:15 PM

Robbie Rickard on the Panda - Sweet Leaf

ROB_000044 is a new clip by Robbie Rickard and photographer Billy Lee Pope. As you would expect Robs new clip is featuring plenty of man hacks. Riding the Sweet Leaf in a round tail a slight step up from his regular swallow tail version. The sweet leaf has a low tail rocker that gives it a lot of drive which is what Rob’s surfing is all about, drive and power. Read More

8/25/2020 6:18 PM

Off The Rack with Conner Coffin & JS

Off The Rack presented by STAB Magazine is a new surfboard series where they take professional surfers and put them on stock size surfboards hence the name "Off the rack". The experiment here is to see how the standardised sizes of some of the best shapers stack up against some of the best surfers. Read More

7/28/2020 7:22 PM

Oscar Langburne - Heads Will Roll

After breaking his leg just over a month ago the stylish grom prodigy Oscar Langburne is back and showing critics that he's just as good at letting the fins fly as he is at styling highlines. Read More

7/21/2020 8:40 PM

Mick Fanning's DHD Board Stories

A series inspired by the rich history of DHD surfboards: Mick Fanning and Darren Handley of DHD, his long time board shaper, sit down and discuss the creation of his world tour winning surfboards. Check out the full series below as they dive into the life memories that are attached to each magic board! Read More

7/13/2020 8:04 PM

Asher Pacey Snapt 4 B-Roll

Asher Pacey filming for SNAPT 4 at Snapper and south of the Queensland border. Sampling 6 different Album surfboard models through out the edit. If these are all clips that didn't make the cut for his section we can't way to see the full release. Read More

7/8/2020 5:35 PM

Inside This Soft World - Dave Rastovich

Unlike much of filmmaker Nathan Oldfield’s other work, there is no higher meaning with 'Inside This Soft World'. It’s simply Dave Rastovich, surfing on a Wednesday morning… which can be argued implicitly has its own higher meaning. Read More

6/22/2020 8:01 PM

Watch: Nate Tyler in HAIRWHIP

Octopus is real Surf Films are always epic, the latest clip starring Nate Tyler is no exception. Jump in, laugh and get psyched to great surfing and heavy metal. Read More

6/16/2020 5:48 PM

Watch: Asher Pacey In "Crystal Vortex, Liquid Cortex"

Watch: Asher Pacey In "Crystal Vortex, Liquid Cortex" Read More

6/9/2020 9:46 PM

From Trash to Treasure w/ Donald Brink

Donald Brink is an eccentric Surfboard Shaper from California who's experimental designs and artistic approach to creating surfboards has set him apart as a true individual. More recently Donald blew us away with his ability to turn a broken soft top into one of his unconventional but beautiful surf craft. Read More

4/27/2020 7:33 PM
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