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Mick Fanning Retires

What does retirement look like for Mick Fanning? Well, for an athlete of his stature, initially attention, and lots of it! Follow Mick around for a full day of back to back interviews and media obligations. 

Mick has announced his retirement from competitive surfing after the Bells Rip Curl Pro 2018, an event that means a lot to him. Although Mick will be missing from the locker rooms and podiums around the globe, he won’t be disappearing any time soon. With cinematic projects in the pipeline, Balter beers at your local pub plus partnerships with Creatures of Leisure, DHD Surfboards and FCS Fins, we will always be surrounded by Mick Fanning’s presence in one way or another. 

3/9/2018 7:44 PM

Dave Rasta x Gary McNeill quiver

What is a torus channel and how does it work? What is Gary McNeill’s new flax bio resin construction? Why do Rasta’s boards last far longer than most other professional surfers? Tune in to find out & get the run down on some of the boards Rasta’s been enjoying over the last year or so. Join us in beautiful northern NSW, where the water is warm and the waves are aplenty, this is where free surfing legend Dave Rastovich calls home. Shop the Gary McNeill range on Boardcave to organise your next magic carpet. We’ve also got the Rasta Keel Fins and Rasta Quad Fins from the clip in stock now!

2/8/2018 9:11 PM

Surfhouse Adventures California

Truth is, California boasts some of the worlds best sunsets, burritos, surf spots and beers. Encinitas in So Cal has become a favourite for plenty of surfers and travellers alike looking for a creative and inspirational nook to call home…. or Surfhouse Encinitas.

Southern California has no shortage of activities, fun times and good vibes! At Surfhouse we guarantee you’ll experience all 3 of these no matter the length of your stay! Here’s what a typical day looks like at the Surfhouse.

1. Rise and shine with a coffee and breakfast from the many local cafes nearby. Or simply cross the street to grab delicious food and freshly roasted beans at Coffee Coffee.
2. Score clean, fun waves with plenty of surf spots for surfers of all levels.
3. Cruise into lunch with some of the best cuisine on offer (it’s hard to go past the classic Californian burrito).
4. Keen for an afternoon adventure? Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, brewery tours and hiking are all on offer, just to name a few.
5. Before heading out on the town for some local craft beer and a bite to eat, make sure you catch a world class San Diego sunset and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!

We’ve elaborated on steps 1,2 and 3 above (because we know how much ya’ll love food, beverages and waves)!

Coffee spots: Coffee Coffee – Bump Coffee
Eats: Fish 101 – The Lani
Surf Spots Nearby: Seaside Reef – Cardiff Reef – Pipes – Swami’s – Moonlight – Sunset Cliffs – Oceanside – Blacks Beach – Trestles.

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) is only a 30 minute drive from Surfhouse making things super easy, or you can drive from LAX. Of course airport transfers to Surfhouse are available to make your trip as seamless as possible.

Surf Camp packages are available with Surfhouse Adventures for those looking to stay a week or longer. You can find out more info on these packages here. No board? No worries! Surfhouse supplies all surf equipment for guests traveling without a board! They also offer bikes, wetsuits and a range of surf craft for those smaller days.

For those seeking a short term stay, no problem! They’ve got you covered with a large selection of comfy rooms to settle into and start living like a local.

Surfhouse guests will experience the best surf spots in San Diego and score the funnest waves in town. Remember, Surfhouse surf guides are experienced surfers and will share their favourite local surf spots.

10/26/2017 10:50 PM

Brixton’s Lee Wilson

Enjoy Lee Wilson’s latest piece by Alessio Saraifoger. Filmed in Wilson’s hometown of Umalas, Indonesia where waves are plentiful and most certainly not lacking in quality. The film photos and animations by Lee himself make for an interesting mix of winsomeness and mystery, two things Indonesia is very well known for, alongside some genuine shredding makes for an enjoyable 5 minutes of your life. Watch the full clip below.

Lee is surfing on a Chilli surfboards FADED model. Brainchild of Jamie Cheal, this board was designed to perform exactly how Lee demonstrates in the video. The design incorporates an outline that was developed for speed and drive and creates an optimum balance in decent sized swells. The twin carbon strips reinforce the length of the board while still allowing optimum flex throughout a manoeuvre and keeping the board at the highest level of performance.

The Chilli BLACK VULTURE also makes a cameo in this clip, a board that Lee describes as “my favourite, super versatile and holds speed well”. The BLACK VULTURE has been designed for when one is looking for that extra paddle power, the wide point has been placed further forward than a regular shortboard shape make this board into a wave catching machine. The bump swallow tail combined with a single concave to vee out the tail provides you with forgiveness and stability under foot. Perfect for smooth, clean point breaks and beach breaks.

10/12/2017 11:22 PM

Holy Grail by Dion Agius

There’s New Blood in the Haydenshapes team and it’s big news.

Dion Agius a man of many talents and a surfer held by no boundaries now rides Haydenshapes. Coinciding with the release of his signature model, Holy Grail is true to Dion’s creative style. Dion is one of the minds behind brands such as Epokhe Eyewear and The Octopus is Real traction brand. While the master shaper behind the brand, Hayden Cox needs no introduction either. Winning back-to-back board of the year awards for innovative design of the Hypto Krypto. Both equally stylish and creatively inclined, it’s going to be an inventive partnership to watch closely. And it is already evident between shaper and surfer after developing a truly creative, performance intended and boundary pushing outline. Watch it in action below.

Alike the Hypto, the Holy Grail can be surfed by any level of surfer but with the added ability to be taken to the next level of performance. Its progressive design is intended to be ridden shorter and wider than a traditional performance model. Adding plenty of volume throughout to ensure it can paddle effortlessly and glide with plenty of flow when surfing off the front foot. Looks can be deceiving and whilst it is shorter, wider and carries more volume, the design does not sacrifice any performance or response off the back foot. The inverted and most obvious break in the outline of the pulled in tail is a feature that has Dion’s influence all over it. The break and reason for this comes into effect while on rail which helps tweak out more stylish release. The contrast with having a flatter rocker profile gives a very fast and continuous speed profile to the board. If your current board is the Hypto, this model will be an easy transition and great progression to help advance your surfing.

9/27/2017 11:31 PM

The Grovel Guide

Time to dust off those short, stubby summer wave slayers, the attack of the fat and average summer swells is here! While most brands have their go-to grovelers, we decided to pull together 4 new board models you will want to get your hands on.

Short, wide, playful and forgiving – That’s the best way to describe the Chemistry 4 x 4. Inspired and modified off the Wide 6, the 4×4 has a straighter outline to create a natural speed feel while the subtle hip bumps in the tail increase stability and manoeuvrability. The moderate low rocker keeps the paddle power high on this little weapon while adding to the straight outline for easy drive. The key differentiation between this and the other models featured is the incorporation of four channels. Doing so helps to boost the board down the line. Although it isn’t something you would clearly associate with small wave boards, it surprisingly helps with maintaining speed to attack the lip whilst keeping it forgiving through initiation and release of turns. We recommend riding this as a quad to truly see the 4 x 4 shine.

Not to be confused with the decadent fried doughy pastry, the Churro by Chilli is a little beast with hidden talent. Designed for small waves under the guidance of Mitch Coleborn, it features a wide outline without being too wide, maintaining its performance orientation. Being a performance style board it’s surprising how much paddle power is gained from the gentle rocker outline. It has just the right amount of lift to help propel through fatter sections allowing it to fit into the curve of the wave for aggressively attacking the lip. One unique feature in this model is the thick tail block. Normally in performance style boards, the tails are foiled out and kept nice and thin for response. However the Churros thick tail helps create stability needed in summer conditions. If you’re chasing a summer board without having it look like a summer board, you’re in luck!

The DHD XRS is one summer vehicle that will be the envy of everyone in the water. The fuller nose is complimented by a wider middle and thick tail block to help get through the flat sections. The best part is the low to flat rocker and deep single to double concaves. These are key to have when looking for a summer style groveler. Fortunately, the XRS has both which will help you excel across soft fat sections while maintaining speed to execute those tight turns you dream of in the summer.

Last but not least, and a new release too. The JS Industries Psycho Nitro Hyfi makes one lively and fun board. The unique design to place the extra foam under your chest, acts as the axis for the flat continuous rocker. What this means is that where your front foot lands, it is right on the gas pedal for easy acceleration when up and riding. The inclusion of fuller rails helps to avoid catching in less through turns, yet they are not too fat like a traditional groveler. What’s cool is how the tail is pulled in so it separates the thickness in the centre. By doing this it allows you to go rail-to-rail freely in average waves that your everyday performance board won’t allow you’re to do. Whilst you can still get the Psycho Nitro in PU the inclusion of Hyfi allows for added flex and pop which is perfect for summer softness.

9/20/2017 11:35 PM

Volcom Team in Indo

The weird and wonderful minds of Volcom never disappoint with their latest video release. The lo-fi narrative of Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn and Ozzie Wright has them in search of a remote and mystic Indo island. What was set to be a fun trip turns into a strange rumbling of events as torrential rain, the voodoo of a rainbow and the ever eccentric Ozzie set the tone for weird and wonderful time. A soundtrack you’ve come to expect from the stone, fun looking waves and a good crew give you a decent reason to throw this on during your lunch break.

The boards ridden throughout the clip are very unique and true to each surfer’s ability. Mitch on an all rounder, Noa riding a small conditions model and Ozzie.. Well Ozzie is Ozzie. And as Ozzie does, he rides weird boards that are designed for god knows what. However he makes them look fun and easy to ride!

For Mitch, the all rounder of the Chilli Spawn suits his powerful and aggressive style. If you fast-forward to 4:27 the fine example of both drive and response are on show. Starting out the gates with instant drive down the line, the board grips at high speed for plenty of hold on rail in that manly slash before sending it skyward.

Noa however is in a league of his own. Any section throughout the vid you’ll see his speed is generated literally from the tiniest of twitches. Riding a board designed for smaller conditions the LSD Double Dish’s ability for easy speed generation comes from the overall low rocker that gives out insane control and responsiveness.

Ozzie being Ozzie is having the time of his life on the boards he is riding. The Vampirate models of the Batmoboard and Dead Sled compliment Ozzie’s style big time. The hybrid design of the Batmoboard incorporates bevelled rails that produce natural speed and planing, perfect for small conditions. While the Dead Sled’s progressive performance design features a flatter rocker that allows for quick entry into waves that he rides in the final tube-fest section of the vid.

9/5/2017 11:42 PM

The One Board Quiver

The one board quiver. As unlikely as it seems, we are here to show you that a single surfboard can have the versatility to perform well in pretty much all conditions. The following is a description of attributes that these boards possess, as well as a range of boards available on Boardcave that have been designed to be your perfect travel or everyday companions.

New to the scene, The Faded model by Chilli is their latest all round travel surfboard. Adapted from their popular Fader model the construction of this board features heavy duty glassing and more foam in the centre to increase paddle power. Tune in to the video below to see team rider Lee Wilson put it through its paces.

As you may know there’s 3 distict features that most shapers consider whilst making an “all-rounder” or “traveller” surfboard. The first is extra foam allocated in particular to the centre of the board. The added volume and thickness isn’t so much visible as it is noticeable when paddling into fatter sections.

The 2 last features vary on your decision when ordering a board and they are the tail shape and glassing. Generally speaking a rounded more pulled in tail is suited for hollow waves and is a popular choice for surfers travelling to destinations like Indo. In difference to the round tail a wider squash tail will have you making the most of your everyday home conditions. This type of tail shape is more popular for people who are going to experience a contrasting difference in swell conditions.

Lastly, it’s often a great idea to go with thicker glassing for a travel board especially if you only have room for one. The end purpose of stronger glassing is to make your board tougher and last longer against the stresses of travelling or the likely encounter of heavy waves.

Here is a list of more boards we think could potentially end your quest for the mystical one board quiver:

DHD Surfboards – Sweet Spot 2.0
Pyzel Surfboards – Pyzalien
Haydenshapes – Hypto Krypto
Gary McNeill Concepts – Entity
Emery Surfboards – The Shadow
Panda Surfboards – The Goose

There is loads of boards out there that could potentially fit this category and with consideration of your location and the types of waves you will experience the one board quiver is more than possible. For any extra info on these models or any other model on Boardcave, hit the Chat button on the bottom left corner of the page.

8/23/2017 11:45 PM

Water Over Sand – Asher Pacey and the DHD Mini Twin

Water over Sand, a pairing of words so simple yet so appealing to all surfers. If you’re not already, get familiar with the silky smooth surfing of Asher Pacey.

This film by Matt Kleiner successfully depicts an adventure we all desire, a remote stretch of coastline accompanied by good waves and the freedom that comes with being out of reception and off the grid. A perfect scenario and the seemingly natural habitat for the surfing style and grace of our long haired protagonist.

Asher Pacey is part of a handful of surfers who have revived the surfing worlds love for Twin fins. His signature model the DHD Mini Twin refined closely with shaper Darren Handley is his trusty companion in all his films. With displays of surfing like this it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular boards on Boardcave.

8/16/2017 11:50 PM

Crusty Classics ~ Doped Youth

Taking a surf mag to school is still the coolest thing in surf media. Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s there was a brilliant magazine by the name of “Waves”. Annually they would produce a feature film and the cult classic of Doped Youth is up there amongst the best of them.

Illustrating the cast as a bunch of rambunctious individuals featuring Chris Davidson, Luke Stedman, Ozzie, James Catto, Dingo, Slater, Kong, Parko and Mick. The storyline centres around Ozzie and crew pitting their band, Doped Youth, up against Slaters bohemian Groovey Avalon outfit. Tension between the two bands in the story sparks some good rivalry, subtle dry humour and raw punchy surfing to tie it all together.

The super raw footage and the comical soundtrack evokes a style in surfing you don’t see anymore. At the time Dope Youth was released, Poor Specimen Productions were producing movies like Campaign, Loose Change, Hit and Run. All had a very similar feel to Doped Youth which is something that you don’t see in today’s movies.

Sit back and have a laugh at this classic surf movie and remind yourself – its just surfing, its just fun.

8/1/2017 11:53 PM

Boardcave x Pavati Wake Boats

When the ocean gives you lemons, you call your buddy with a boat and make your own waves. Which is exactly what we did on this sub-par day back in April, unleashing good times with Asher Wales and Pavati wake boats.

Surfing behind a boat is one of those fun occasions that every surfer should experience. On the right size wake you can surf forever or until your legs give out. Throwing fins, poping fun little airs on either side of the wake. Rest assured the whole day will have you laughing and stoked to be surfing during those flat periods.

With Winter fast coming to a close and Spring upon us shortly, the dreaded flat spells are on the way. It’s time to start hitting up your mate with boats and get yourself a fun hybrid style board or a Beater Board and keep the stoke alive.

7/27/2017 9:07 PM

Nick Vasicek all time Indo!

At his hometown on the Gold Coast Nick Vasicek is known for his backhand attack and tube riding skills, especially at waves like Snapper and Kirra when they’re on. That being said, he’s no stranger to a solid forehand tube either as seen above!

Boards of choice for Vassa in this clip are the Burnside and Magic Mix models which he rode at big Desert Point and in smaller playful Mentawais.

Music: “Eyeline” by Kut U Up
Footage courtesy @HappilyStoked
Edit by Bryce Frees

7/14/2017 9:15 PM
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