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San Francisco Surfboard Shapers

The area around San Francisco, from Half Moon Bay to just about Point Reyes, can be fickle. A few measly points, a few semi reefs, occasionally good to epic and scary beach breaks, and the monster they call Mavericks. There is a lot of wind and its usually onshore. Through all the frustrating mess, you find a diverse range of shapers. Not many compared to Santa Cruz just to the south, but some great diversity. There is virtually no Surf Industry in this area, and many of the shapers trying to work the gig full time have to have their boards sent down to Southern California for glassing. Most of the shapers in the past had to be self taught as no one was coming north for them to learn from. Also, many of the shapers in this area have second jobs to keep the shaping dream alive, but that all reflects in the quality and passion these guys have to crafting surfboards. Being a well rounded shaper is important in any shaping community, but up here, not only do shapers need to be well rounded, but they have to have their big wave guns dialed in…With Mavericks and when Ocean Beach is maxing out, surfers need to be able to trust their equipment. Many of the shapers in this area charge harder than anyone, therefore you can be confident when getting a step-up or gun from a Nor Cal shaper.

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    • Vampirate Surfboards
    • Mark Gnech
    • Santa Barbara
    • 22
    • Colin Ladhams
    • Ozzie Wright
    Vampirate Surfboards is the collaboration between Mark Gnech and Ozzie Wright. Together they have designed and refined some of the more unique models on Boardcave.com, focused on speed and fun, with a full collection of sleds to surf in all conditions.
    • FCD Surfboards
    • Fletcher Chouinard
    • Ventura
    • 21
    • Malloy Brothers, Kohl Christensen, Joe Curren, etc.
    Wanting to create stronger surfboards and keeping performance levels high, all while producing no unnecessary harm to the environment, FCD surfboards was born from the mind of Fletcher and Yvon Chouinard.
    • Resist Surfboards
    • Jeff Hull
    • Ventura
    • 14
    Specializing in high performance shortboards, but well versed in longboards both high performance and traditional, Resist Surfboards can whip you up one of the best whips you've had.