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Santa Cruz Surfboard Shapers

Cold water, sharks, reefs, slabs, points, beachies, nooks and crannies everywhere with endless surf to boot. Open to a wide range of swell directions, and with enough of those nooks and crannies teamed up with kelp and headlands to be sure that at any given time you should be able to find glassy waves somewhere along this rustic coast line. Such amazing surf options leads to amazing well rounded shapers in the Northern California area. The surfers here are a slightly different breed than those in Southern California, this all makes for a shapers paradise in its own way. Shapers like William "Stretch" Reidel at Stretch Surfboards and Steve Coletta of Natural Curves who focus on performance orientated boards...Stretch taking quads to new levels in big and small wave performance.

Then you have the shapers know for logs, fishes and mid-length hulls like Mark Andreini of Andreini Surfboards, Doug Haut of Haut Surfboards, Michel Junod Surfboards and Nick Palandrani. And to round it off, you have the shapers like Bob Pearson of Person Arrow and Ward Coffey who specialize in doing it all and doing it well. There is not a lot of Surf Industry focused around the Santa Cruz area, but being the home of Jack O'Neill, it is the birthplace of one of the most essential items in surfing today...the wetsuit. Santa Cruz is a wave rich area, yet since it is so far removed from the majority of the Surf Industry, it retains its small town California feel.

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