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John Florence’s 'Maps From Home' (Extended Cut)

An Extended Cut From John Florence’s Outer Reef Session.

Sit back and enjoy this captivating edit of the recent record breaking swell that rolled through the North Shore last winter. For anyone who's not familiar with the reef set up at Pipeline, there's 3 reefs and a sandbank/shoal beyond that. When it's huge and only when it's huge do you see the outer reefs break. During the Hawaiian winter it's not too uncommon for waves to break on these reefs and wash through to the shore but it almost never breaks and forms into perfect blue caverns like this.

Knowing this, it's easy to see why the local chargers were chewing at the bit to get out there. John John Florence get's among notorious XL wave legends Twiggy Baker, Mark Healy, Koa Rothman and more to sample the beast that has awoken at their home break.

John Johns Quiver mainly consists of Pyzel - Shadow's and Pyzel - Ghosts but when he's charging like this he whips out the 9ft Pyzel - Padillac.

6/8/2021 7:45 PM

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