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Hardly Working – Panda Surfboards

Check out this cool little video of Blake Peters and Panda Surfboards done by Ross Stewart. Gives you a little insight into where Panda Surfboards came from, how Blake got started working and shaping surfboards, and where he plans on taking the brand.

Both Blake and Panda Surfboards recently brought the brand here to the US within the last few years and have been making quite a name for themselves. Now an international brand spanning around the globe including OZ, the US, Japan, Europe, etc., Panda Surfboards is definitely making an impact with boards that have a uniqueness and stand out on their own.

Blake recently placed 3rd in the Stab in the Dark event where he had to shape a board for an unknown pro surfer (Julian Wilson) to be put to the test against 9 other world class shapers.

With a growing stable of team riders who include Ford Archbold, Colin Moran, Jackson Carey and Andrew Doheny, Blake has been able to dial in and refine an impressive array of models to suite anyones style.

Popular models include:

  • Doinker Egg
  • Fang Banger
  • Synthetic Sally
  • Smoking Trout
  • Bear Essentials
  • Bangers and Mash

    Be Sure to check the whole range of Panda Surfboards and dial yourself in a unique board that preforms for you.

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