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Low Down on the Sweet Spot 2.0

Here it is folks, doesn’t get much better than the man himself, Darren Handley of DHD Surfboards giving you the low down on the Sweet Spot 2.0. Note how he points out the slightly fuller nose for ease of paddling and getting you into waves earlier, but adds a touch more rocker especially through the tail, combined with the double concave to create a super fast board that is highly responsive.

This model is a slight variation on the original Sweet Spot after spending more time testing it is waves all around the world. These adjustments make for a fantastic all-round one board quiver that can handle the majority of waves and conditions you will face day to day. They even beefed up the glass job slightly and added reinforcements over the fin boxes and around the rail at the tail to ensure your board will hold up to what ever beating you may give it.

7/23/2015 4:48 PM