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Volcom Team in Indo

The weird and wonderful minds of Volcom never disappoint with their latest video release. The lo-fi narrative of Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn and Ozzie Wright has them in search of a remote and mystic Indo island. What was set to be a fun trip turns into a strange rumbling of events as torrential rain, the voodoo of a rainbow and the ever eccentric Ozzie set the tone for weird and wonderful time. A soundtrack you’ve come to expect from the stone, fun looking waves and a good crew give you a decent reason to throw this on during your lunch break.

The boards ridden throughout the clip are very unique and true to each surfer’s ability. Mitch on an all rounder, Noa riding a small conditions model and Ozzie.. Well Ozzie is Ozzie. And as Ozzie does, he rides weird boards that are designed for god knows what. However he makes them look fun and easy to ride!

For Mitch, the all rounder of the Chilli Spawn suits his powerful and aggressive style. If you fast-forward to 4:27 the fine example of both drive and response are on show. Starting out the gates with instant drive down the line, the board grips at high speed for plenty of hold on rail in that manly slash before sending it skyward.

Noa however is in a league of his own. Any section throughout the vid you’ll see his speed is generated literally from the tiniest of twitches. Riding a board designed for smaller conditions the LSD Double Dish’s ability for easy speed generation comes from the overall low rocker that gives out insane control and responsiveness.

Ozzie being Ozzie is having the time of his life on the boards he is riding. The Vampirate models of the Batmoboard and Dead Sled compliment Ozzie’s style big time. The hybrid design of the Batmoboard incorporates bevelled rails that produce natural speed and planing, perfect for small conditions. While the Dead Sled’s progressive performance design features a flatter rocker that allows for quick entry into waves that he rides in the final tube-fest section of the vid.

9/5/2017 11:42 PM

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